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Made in the USA


Tons of Features • Compact Design

When space is at a premium, look no further than the best safe to meet that need... Liberty Safe PREMIUM 20! Specifically built to fit within a 24 inch deep closet or any custom location, this safe has 75-mins of fire protection and ample security. Beautifully trimmed and fully customizable interior. Packed with features like an electronic lock and 2 jewelry doors...the Premium 20 is a sweet safe in a compact package. 

Lifetime Warranty • Made in the USA 

PRICE: Starting at $2,149
Payments starting as low as $48.89 for 60 months (12.99% APR) or 12 Months Interest Free! On Approved Credit


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Premium 20 Ratings and Reviews

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Average 4.9 out of 5 stars for 42 customers ratings and reviews

5 Star Reviews:
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2 Star Reviews:
1 Star Reviews:

feel secured and safe
written by El Brody on July 2, 2018
Never had a safe before, The Liberty Safe is a great investment to save our valuables and guns and rifles.
My wife has some very special jewelry that needs to be guarded and kept in a safe place. This Liberty safe has so much room and space .
I strongly recommend this safe for anyone who wants to be and feel secured with family valuables , documents and cash.
You will feel safer and sleep better at night.

written by Vance B. on April 11, 2018

written by hdc on January 3, 2018

written by Butch on August 22, 2017

written by Alf 1964 on March 25, 2017
Excellent safe and well made, good price for value. Excellent reputaton

Liberty Premium 20
written by Kirk on January 14, 2017
Spent a considerable amount of time researching a gun safe that would fit in my master bedroom closet. Researched variations in ratings/testing, fire safety, weight, and size.

In the end, I chose Liberty for its design, build quality, reputation, independent testing, Fire protection, and overall value for the features desired.

written by Texas Proud on October 5, 2016
This was the perfect safe for limited space. I got great features and a small footprint.

Best Line of Safes on the Market!
written by Beav in Texas on March 29, 2016
I previously owned a Liberty Lincoln 35 and was extremely pleased with the quality of the product and the piece of mind from knowing that short of a neuclear blast, no one was breaking into my safe. My new house had limited space for a safe, so I selected a Premium 20, which fits into a standard closet perfectly.

This safe has bells and whistles that my Lincoln (purchased in around 2003) did not have. Things like an electronic lock, door storage pockets, interior lights, customizable interior and an electrical/USB/Ethernet panel pre-installed in the safe. All you do is plug into the back of the safe. How easy is that? The Premium 20 has 75 minutes of fire protection and the door panel has a "cool pocket" for important papers that is designed to keep important documents 50 degrees cooler than the inside of the safe in the event of a fire. Nice feature!

If you are looking for a safe, I highly, highly recommend a Liberty of any model, over the big box store models. Buy quality once and you will never regret it. After a disaster, or burglary, you do not want to be regretting your decision. So buy the best, buy an American made Liberty safe!

Premium 20 Review
written by Gunner on June 26, 2015
5 stars

Premium 20 Review
written by Bubbadub on June 22, 2015
Met all our needs too well, wish I'd bought the next size larger.

Great Safe
written by Jack on June 1, 2015
It meets all my needs and is a great looking safe. It's American made and has all the fire and burglary protection I was looking for.

Excited about our Liberty Safe!
written by James T. on May 19, 2015
We are so pleased with our Liberty Premium 20 Safe. We really like the security features, the great 75 minute fire rating and all the organizational and storage features inside. It is just perfect for our needs. The two employees who delivered the safe were very courteous and professional. They did a top-notch job!

Very Happy
written by bucktx on April 3, 2015
Perfect size and features for my needs. I installed it into the back corner of a closet so the back and sides are protected by walls and bolted to floor. I like the darker grey finish which makes it blend into the shadows. The shelves inside provide great flexibility--I moved them around a couple of times which allowed me to maximize storage. This is a 2015 model and it has the S&G Titan direct electronic lock and slip clutch handle. Very quick and easy to get into. It came with the electrical kit, so I also got the plug-in light kit with motion sensor so it lights up and turns off when you open/close the door. I also like the door accessory panel and managed to make good use of that additional storage space. I had a little Sentry safe that I bought at Home Depot years ago and I only recently realized the Sentry had no fire protection. I think this Premium 20 was a good upgrade for me in size, in security protection, and in fire protection, all at a good value.

Premium 20 Dallas texas
written by Safe review on March 26, 2015
The safe guys were amazing. They had to bing it into a condo. Thank you for offering a great safe. Please thank A-1 locksmith for their very best service.

Premium 20
written by ktamu94103 on December 16, 2014
5 stars

Exactly what I paid for
written by Travis in Dallas on October 9, 2014
Safe was delivered up two flights of stairs, installed, and setup in very painless fashion. Size of the safe is great with a great price point. I'm not an avid collector so the right mix of storage size for four long guns, then private documents (titles, passports, etc...) and jewelry was a necessity. Great quality with a great fire rating.

written by L.W.L. on September 16, 2014

Great safe for the price!
written by LibSafTheftFire Duo on September 16, 2014
We just received our safe and we are pleased. It fits in our closet which was a must. We actually purchased a Franklin Liberty safe but had to return because it was too large to fit through our closet door. Thank goodness we realized before delivery. Suggestion: Always measure door ways before settling on a safe!

This safe has great features. Fire protection was very important and this one offered 75 min of protection.

The only draw back is the interior felt seems to be a little loose in some places.

written by Noname on August 5, 2014
This safe seems ideal for what I and my spouse want to keep safe from burglars and fire. The quality and reputation of Liberty Safe is apparent upon first seeing it.

Premium 20
written by Justin on August 3, 2014

Quality safes!
written by Garland B on August 2, 2014
I owned a Liberty safe in my previous home for over 15 years and was always happy with the very high quality of the safe. That's why I bought one for my new home!

Great Safe for Computer Techs!
written by James on June 24, 2014
Great USB/Cat5/Electrical accessory that lets you keep sensitive electronics safe from thieves and also safe from fire. Super cool!

Mr Rusty Barnes president Taylor Barnes Distinctive homes inc
written by Calico Sonny on April 18, 2014
Very pleased so far. Loved Donnie the salesperson and both installers were very good.Very pleased at this point!

Premium 20
written by None on March 9, 2014
5 star premium

Very Happy with My Liberty 20
written by DallasBob on February 14, 2014
I purchased the Liberty Premium 20 safe and couldn't be happier with it. It provides adequate space for long guns, door storage for handguns, and lots of other space for important papers, valuables, jewelry and like. The safe appears to be very well built and anchored to the concrete floor like mine, it should withstand all but the toughest Texas tornado.

In purchasing this safe I looked at a number of other brands, and a number of other models but kept coming back to this one - it just fit the space I had available and the feature made it a good buy for me. I found there were many cheaper safes out there, but none with a 75 minute fire rating and life time warranty.

I'm a "happy camper" ! ! !

Securing Your Firearms
written by Rocky on January 7, 2014
I recently purchased a Liberty Premium 20 Series Safe. The primary reason was to secure my firearms from theft or accidental access by grand children.

Liberty Safes had the product I needed for a price I could afford. I found a local dealer that represented Liberty Safes and visited their showroom in Plano, Texas. The sales person was very helpful; he listened to me and recommended the Premium 20 Series, which fits my needs.

The installation was 'on-time' and the crew was considerate of my home and did a fine job.

I recommend Liberty Safes and A-! Locksmiths, the local dealer in Plano, Texas.

Staying in the closet
written by choupique on November 12, 2013
Perfect size for what i needed. Quality far exceeds my expectations.

Quality Safe
written by Paul S. on October 29, 2013
A1 Locks in Plano Texas sold and delivered a quality Liberty Safe -Excellent Service and Product!

PM 20
written by Free Bird 48 on October 5, 2013

Mike's comfort zone
written by Mike on September 3, 2013
Crime is not much of a consideration in my area, however, severe storms and tornados are. This Liberty PM-20 safe will ease our concerns by offering a higher level of protection for documents, handguns and some smaller odds and ends.
Liberty's Response:
Mike, we recommend you lag bolt the safe to the wood or concrete flooring. This will help considerably if you experience a tornado or storm. Glad you like your Premium 20 safe.

Premium 20 Series Safe Review
written by Mark R. on July 28, 2013
Very handsome safe that I feel will protect my important belongings. I am confident that I can leave home, and not worry about someone just coming in to take my possessions. I feel confident that even if someone had hours in my home to try to rob me blind, they wouldn't get what is in my safe. I am also much more at ease knowing that items that were in my safety deposit box can be protected without having the fear that the government or some agency might just slip into the bank without me even knowing that they are there emptying my box of all of my treasures. I wish that I could have purchased this safe a long time ago. Thanks for my new feeling of assurance, and peace of mind.

Perfect for my 30+ Handguns
written by Ceska Zbrojovka Model 75 Collector on July 26, 2013
Liberty safes are the best safes that money can buy. Outstanding durability, fit & finish and warranty.

Great Family Safe
written by Frisco, TX on June 26, 2013
Loved all of the options! We needed a safe to fit in a particular spot so naturally we were limited by size. I have been looking and wanting a Liberty Safe for a while and then came across the Premium 20 and bam it solved all of our needs. The flexible interior also made it and easier sell to the wife!

Bob's Review
written by Bob on June 11, 2013
Really can't review at this point as we just received the safe. We're very happy with the fire rating and the organizational pockets.

written by Mo on April 29, 2013

Premium 20
written by Rich O on March 26, 2013
Great size for a closet and features are great

Just what I needed
written by gregeol on March 12, 2013
The premium 20 is a great value with a high fire rating and customizable interior. Has a moderate foot print but holds a lot.

written by Michael on March 10, 2013
Purchased the Liberty Premium 20 safe. It is a very good value for the money invested to secure your valuables. I would recommend it anyone looking for a good solid safe.

Great Safe Great Price
written by Texas on February 21, 2013
Like the finish on the inside. Nice features and flexibility.

written by george on January 3, 2013
great safe

Excellent size and operation
written by elsiebambam on December 17, 2012
I am very pleased with the purchase of my safe. It fits in my closet perfectly. It is easy to open and close. The configuration is perfect because of the adaptability of the shelfs. I high recommend the Liberty Premium 20.

Fits in a closet.
written by Matt C on November 12, 2012
I bought this safe instead of a Franklin or Lincoln because it could fit in a closet. I do wish it had a 3 spoke handle, but otherwise it is fantastic.
Liberty's Response:
We considered putting a 3-point handle on the Premium 20 but then it would have stuck out another 1.5" making it harder to fit in some closets. Nice safe with lots of features inside though. Thanks for your review and your business Matt.