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Independent Factory Authorized Liberty Safe Retailer
With over 66 years in the safe industry and almost 320 years in staff industry experience, A-1 Locksmith has the expertise and equipment to do professional Safe & Vault Openings, Safe & Vault Drilling, Safe & Vault Servicing and Gun Safe Moving throughout North Texas, including the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex. We have delivered, installed, moved, drilled and serviced tens of thousands of safes over the years. Safe moving requires the right equipment and trucks as well as trained professionals to move your safe efficiently and safely without damage.

If at some point in time, your safe fails to open and all the industry's manipulation tricks still won't get it open, then your safe probably will have to be drilled and have a new lock installed. Safe Crackers have the capability to get your safe drilled open, but what is the condition of your safe when they are done? Can a new lock be installed? Is the safe in as good as new condition? Or do you now own a safe paperweight that is full of holes? The art of Professional Safe Cracking, when the safe needs to be usable (good as new) afterward is what the true safe cracking, safe opening, and safe drilling business is all about.

Contact A-1 Locksmith for all of your Dallas safe moving, Dallas safe installation, DFW safe drilling and Dallas safe opening needs in North Texas at 1-877-374-3450.

Professional Safe Movers in Dallas Fort Worth

Here are some questions you should be prepared to answer when you call us about Dallas Fort Worth safe moving:

  • When do you need the safe moved?
  • What kind of safe do you have? (Brand and type.. ie jewelers, fire, burglary, gun etc..)
  • What are the dimensions and the weight if known?
  • It is a single door or double door?
  • Does it have casters or wheels of any kind?
  • Is it bolted down? To wood or concrete? If so can you open the safe so we can unbolt it?
  • Is the safe built into a wall or enclosed on the sides or top?
  • Is the safe flat on the floor or on wood boards or on a pallet?
  • Where is the safe currently located? (Garage, house, bedroom, closet, storage unit, store, loading dock, moving truck, outside)
  • Where is it going to? (Garage, house, bedroom, closet, storage unit, store, loading dock, moving truck, outside, another room)
  • Are there any steps up or down that the safe will have to go over to get to where it needs to go?
  • What type of flooring will the safe have to be moved across at both locations? (wood, concrete, tile, carpet, marble, glass, etc.)
  • Can we back a trailer up to the building or buildings close to a door to load and unload the safe?
  • Is the driveway level? or does it have a very steep incline?
  • These questions when answered honestly will give us a very good idea of what will be involved with moving your safe. There may be more questions depending on the responses we get to these questions. Rarely we may ask you to send us some pictures of the safe or where it is located or where it needs to go, and in very rare circumstances we will need to come out and see the safe and where it must be taken out of and or taken to.
Liberty Gun Safe Blowout Sale at All of Our Dallas Fort Worth Locations.